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USENT started with one simple idea just like Uber. If you can request a ride from your phone, why can't you order a truck van, or motorcycle? USENT is not just making it easy to order a delivery vehicle. We are working to ensure your deliveries are more secure and more accessible. With USENT your can be sure that your items are delivered quickly and affordably. By providing this service we have created opportunities for more people to work on their own terms as a USENT delivery provider.

USENT Benefits

It's easy to join Usent. One-click registration using your e-mail, Facebook, or Google Account. Book your same day delivery in seconds. Pay per job with no setup costs and no hassle.


Choose your delivery address. USENT instantly inserts the phone number and contact details for you. Select the delivery size. Receive in real time your quote before your book. It's really that easy.

Affordable & Green

Define your package size and USENT suggests the fastest, most affordable and most environmentally friendly courier vehicle for your job. Our fleet or trucks, vans and motorcycles are ready to meet your express delivery needs.

A to Z Delivery

Always-on GPS tracking is standard using our desktop or mobile app. See who and where your same-day courier is at all times. Call or message your driver directly should you need to make a change. No need to middlemen.

Advanced Reporting

Get realtime access to analytics and reporting data for all your deliveries including: pickup and drop-off locations, detailed price breakdowns, driver info vehicle info, and even the name and signature of the receiver of your delivery.


Buy from your favorite store and have it delivered the same day. Shop for anything from your local retailers and have it delivered to any destination you want as long as it is within the USENT service area. Same day delivery. As soon as you order we are working to deliver your order to you or the location you prefer. You dont even have to be there, just tell us how you want your order delivered. It's all up to you.

Trust of Secured Delivery

Some things you might insure but even insurance will not cover the full cost. With USENT you can be confident that our drivers are experienced and trained to handle your items as they would their own, safely and securely. This also includes your personal information.

Drivers Right Around the Corner

A USENT driver is always nearby, just like Uber or Lyft. You do not have to wait for a driver to be available ensuring your deliveries arrive on time. They may arrive before you do!


USENT for Business

If you have a business and need to make deliveries, dont hire, train and maintain extra employees. Let USENT make the deliveries for you at very affordable pricing
UBER, Sidercar, Taxi, Limo, Courier, UPS, Fedex, any other professional drivers: Boost your earning potential by adding USENT deliveries to your routes stacking multiple orders and multiply your profits.

Own your Own Business

Become a USENT Driver and be your own boss making up to $2,000/wk or more. Turn your truck, van, or even your motorcycle into a money making machine any time you want, just start your engine and turn on the US ENT Drive App. Thats it and youre ready to hit the road. It's that easy, download the driver app, register using our quick driver signup page, and start making money.

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